Jazz at Edda


Edda, which is Norse for 'Knowledge' is a new community library in Ainsdale.
We have preserved the stunning original architecture whilst giving the building new life. With half of the building preserved as a library, we have put in place a classroom and stage which are already being used for different activities such as drama, dance and ukulele classes.

We are an independent lending library with a choice of fiction, non-fiction, audio-books, childrens books, education and hobby books, as well as the daily newspapers.
We are free to join with no nasty late return fees.
We are a centre for adults with learning disabilities, offering classes in performing arts and writing skills. An atmosphere of cultural activity for everyone, so as you chose your book you may be entertained by a ukulele class or poetry reading.
We are different, nobody will shush you, indeed you will be encouraged to become involved.

Stage and classroom areas available for hire. Please contact us for details.

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Jazz at Edda